I’ve been in love with this show since it premiered last summer, and can’t wait for it to return to ABCFamily on Jan. 7. Especially since I’ll have to be watching it online the following day. It’s even inspired me to wander over to EHow to try to increase my ASL vocabulary. Now I can count up to 20 instead of 10!

I had an acting class a few years ago with a deaf actor in it. I had the privilege of doing a meet cute scene with him, and it was an absolute blast. I’ve only had that kind of connection with a fellow actor three times in my career, and it’s one to cherish.

I think Emmitt and Bay belong together, and I liked Wilke with Daphne. I wish they hadn’t written him off. I wish they hadn’t written Ty off, either, but I wonder if it’s because Blair Redford got The Lying Game? At least I get to see him on that.