No, this show hasn’t jumped the shark for me quite yet, though I admit it is getting a bit stale. I still find myself searching it out to watch online, though.

I’m glad Max and Naomi are going to make it. I’d live if Annie got written off the show. I don’t like Adrianna and Dixon together; I preferred him with Silver, but I’d rather see her with Liam than Navid. In fact, I think Navid and Adrianna should get back together. I know, too much water under the bridge for that to happen. I’m not super thrilled that Vanessa is back to wreak havoc in Liam’s life, and I’d really like to know what relation psycho cop is to her. And what is it about him that attracts the psychos, anyway? Annie aside, that is, since I’m fairly sure she’s the only one that hasn’t been diagnosed with a mental disorder.

90210 comes back on January 21 on the CW.