Season 7 kicks off on Lifetime in March 2013. I’ll be watching it online. They successfully wrote off Pamela, but I really think the premise of the show was Roxy’s adjustment to the military life.

According to the Lifetime website, Torrey DeVitto will be pulling double duty on AW and TVD (where she’s currently recurring as Meredith Fell). Interestingly enough, the website credits her with Pretty Little Liars, a show I don’t watch, so I don’t know if she’s still on that one, too. Two other new wives will be portrayed by Ashanti and Elle McLemore (from Broadway).

While trying to do some research, I just read a spoiler. I’m NOT happy about it because I wasn’t looking for it. And I don’t like to spoil myself. That’s why I hope you’ve all watched the episodes before we discuss them. Speculation is fine, of course. Spoilers, not so much. And in this research, I discovered that Torrey’s real-life husband (Stefan Salvatore on TVD) was a recurring character during Seasons 2 & 3. Interesting. I suspect I didn’t recognize him when I started watching TVD because he actually has hair.

Anyway, I found what I was looking for. As much as I like Kelli Williams, I can do without her character of Jackie Clark. I like Gloria just fine as a potential replacement for Roxy’s brash, unmilitary ways. Both characters will be returning. So basically, the show’s expanding its wives from the core five (I count Roland) to eight. This doesn’t count the double dose of Charlie and Nicole, although I hope we continue to follow them and their plans to have a child (I seem to recall that despite her misgivings about their lifestyle, Hector’s mistress was persuaded to give up her baby for them to adopt).