Unlike Dallas and George, or even Booth and Brennan, Castle and Kate’s hookup and life as a couple has been pretty satisfying for this fan.  I don’t know if it’s the actors or the writing, but they’re not experiencing any of that dullness that so many TV couples wind up with. (I’m not going to call it the Moonlighting curse, because my understanding is that not all show writers a) like that term and b) believe in it, anyway.)

But if they keep putting Castle under suspicion in order to ramp up the tension between them, *that’s* going to really irritate me. Yes, I have a pretty willing suspension of disbelief (thus the title of this blog), but continued contrivances are another thing. This, IMO, is a place where they could take a page or two from soap operas.  Barring the old stand-bys of amnesia and evil twins (although the former, if handled correctly, could be convincing for a short time), soaps have long histories of keeping their couples and supercouples apart, or providing them with plenty of angst to diffuse their happily-ever-afters.

One thing that does test my WSOD on this show is Castle’s continued presence (and participation!) during the questioning of suspects. While I’m happy to have Penny Johnson Jerald back on my TV screen (I do get to watch this show “live”), her character makes no secret that his very existence in her precinct is against her exacting standards of procedure, and I find it hard to believe that she’d continue to allow this break with protocol.

At any rate, I’m very much looking forward to its return to ABC on January 7th.