I generally get to watch this one as it airs.  I don’t watch the remaining spin off. I watched them both when they had that big cross-over story, but found the filmography too annoying. And hey, now that H5-0 is back, we don’t need Jack Lord.

I’m really liking Ted Danson on here, much better than I liked Laurence Fishburne.  Back before DVRs, I’d stopped watching this show due to conflicting air times (also back when it was on Thursdays), so there’s a few seasons I’ve missed entirely.  Is it as obvious to everyone else as it is to me that Sarah Sidle and Gil Grissom are heading for a divorce? Does anyone besides me miss Archie Kao? Can Elizabeth Shue really replace Marg Helgenberger? (Well, I think the characters can.) Does anyone else hate George Eads’ shaved head?

CSI is back on Jan. 16.