Wow, wow, wow. OK. I’ve loved this show from the beginning, and I can understand the need to bring in new characters/interns, but just like on Glee, the introduction of them has been somewhat clunky. Princess Kate (Jo. The actress played the Duchess of Cambridge in a TV  movie.) so needed that reality check Alex gave her, it isn’t even funny. What the hell did she think a surgical intern did, fer cryin out loud?

Shane Ross, OTOH, is an interesting guy. I like the (coming soon, I’m sure) pairing of him and April (tho I really think she belongs with Dr Avery) much more than the train-coming-down-the-track obviousness of Alex and Jo. Stephanie and her cohort (IMDB failed me here) are rightfully removed from rotation after almost killing a patient, and I wouldn’t miss them if they get written off. The tall guy with glasses whose name is also not listed I can deal with.

I’m very glad Christina is back, and that she and Owen are reconciling. But I’m worried about Bailey and Ben. He proved he knows her and is willing to take care of her pretty well in the mid-season finale, and I sincerely hope that the next episode picks up with him rushing to her side after the neglected phone call has been made.

Meredith and Derek are another couple who’ve managed to survive getting married, and I look forward to seeing more of their adventures with Zola, and hope Mere’s hostile uterus manages to relax for the next nine months (TV time), although I truly doubt it will.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Debbie Allen on a more regular basis, either, I love the pairing of her and the Chief (whom I will always think of in that capacity). I’d like to see her more on SYTYCD, too. And I have to agree with Richard’s assessment of Jackson’s playing messenger boy.

Grey’s returns to ABC on January 10, and I’ll be watching it online.