What’s grim about it is that March 8 is a very long way off. What’s not is that there’s a possibility that the former wasteland of Friday night, aka where shows go to die, may be reclaimed, thanks to NBC’s supernatural twist on your average police procedural.  And not supernatural in the way we’re used to thinking of, vampires and werewolves and witches, oh my. Oh, no.  Instead we have Wessen, a whole new breed(s) of bad (and good), and the darkness of the show harkens back to the original fairytales (have you read them? I haven’t, for the most part, but I do recall a rather bloody version of Cinderella.) Sure, we’ve got a Blutbad who’s gone vegetarian (kinda like a vampire who only eats animals), but that’s about the only familiar icon.

I get to watch this show while it airs, but Saturdays are when I try to catch up on the blogs that cover TVD, so I may not be blogging about this one straight away.