Trivia tidbit for the day: The original show was Hawaii Five-O. This one is Hawaii Five-0. (Wow, that really looks like a lower case letter o instead of the number zero to me. I hope it works better when this publishes.)

I’ve adored Alex McLoughlin since Moonlight. I miss that show more than I miss Three Rivers, tho. Since I watch Castle “live”, this one is recorded, and is usually watched the following afternoon.  Back when the show first premiered, Entertainment Weekly published Bingo cards to record all the fun stuff the show seemed to do over and over.  Nowadays, it’s a lot harder to get a Bingo, but if you want to play along, here you go:

There are two links because the one published online is slightly different than the one published in the magazine, so I provided both. Because two cards are better than one.

Among the squares is “They go into the forest, and OMFG, it looks just like Lost“. Especially when Chin is along, a Lost alum I’m happy to still have on my television screen. I miss Las Vegas, too, so it’s some comfort to have Scott Caan gracing it as well.  I’m super psyched that Masi Oka is now a series regular. I’d like to see a little more of Taylor Wily, too.

And am I the only one who thinks Kono belongs with Charlie Fong and not Adam Noshimuri?

H5-0 returns to the CBS lineup on January 14.