Returns to ABC on Jan. 6, but I’ll be watching online. Last season, we were all supposed to assume Daniel was the one who got shot, and it turned out to be no loss Tyler Barrol instead. This season, we’re supposed to assume that the body on the sunken Amanda is Jack, but who will it really be? Mason Treadwell tops my list, despite the fact that Emily (real Amanda, whom I will refer to as Amily from now on) has placed him safely behind bars.

Next on the list would be Kenny Ryan (whom I’ll call Mr Argent from his Teen Wolf stint),

Nate Ryan

Marco Romero

Aiden Mathis

Conrad Grayson

Daniel Grayson

Declan Porter

Jack Porter

More remote but also possible: Dominik Wright, Nolan Ross, Satoshi Takeda.

Based on my recall of the hand, I think Kenny, Conrad, Declan, Nolan, and Satoshi are out. Probably Marco, too. Of course, it could also be someone yet to be introduced.