That is the proper acronym. It is THE Vampire Diaries. And it returns to the CW on January 17.  Although this is must-see TV for me, I watch it online.

My disagreement with the opinions of the TWOP recapper and the various TWOP forum posters over this particular show was probably the main driving force behind this blog (with the same disagreement on Glee right behind). The forumites are especially bad, evidently unable to accept that some things must, of necessity to either the storyline or showtime constraints, happen off-screen. They also can’t seem to understand that while a week may pass in our time, a week has NOT passed in TVland. It might’ve been a few hours, it might’ve been a few months. Really, not even that much fanwanking is needed to understand this. It’s pretty basic and SOP for most shows, I might add. We started watching the show three years ago our time, but while we’re in the middle of the fourth season, not even two years have passed in show time. TVD premiered in Sept. 2009, and it was the beginning of Elena, Caroline, Matt, and Tyler’s junior year. It is now approaching the end of their senior year. Despite the fact they’re never in class, especially now that the only teacher in the whole high school is dead, I suspect they’ll graduate in May. Jeremy has two years to go, BTW.

I suspect most of my posts on this show will contain rants and “talking back” to Cindy’s recaps.  If you want to read them for yourself, go to I’ll probably also be talking back to the recappers of other shows. You have been warned.

If you want to read some seriously funny thoughts on this show, try checking out Price Peterson’s picture recaps at or Thomas Galvin’s fabulous snark (do NOT drink anything while reading, in order to save your keyboard) at

And last but by no means least, try out

Yeah, I sometimes find myself saying, “That’s NOT what happened” while reading, but overall it’s a well-written blog and you should check out what other shows she covers (I’m presuming you’re reading this because you like that sort of thing).