It was the previews that got me hooked last season, and I thanked anyone who might’ve been listening that the hotel with the bodily fluids on the bedspread was on the East Coast. But there were only about 6 episodes, and I found myself oddly disappointed and looking forward to seeing more.

Mind you, I couldn’t care less about most of Gordon Ramsey’s shows. But I happen to appreciate the Brits’ sense of direct bluntness, and he exemplifies it quite well in MasterChef, so I thought I’d try this show on for size. I’ve seen a few episodes of other “rescue” shows, and always find it ludicrous that, after having called for help, the owner or manager or whoever is so adamant about not taking the advice of said help, or being willing to make any of the changes.

No word yet on when this will return to the Fox network, but since it was late summer and fall of 2012, I expect similar air dates for the already-granted second season. I’ll be watching online.