Ding dong the John is dead! (Since I can’t remember the other Wizard of Oz reference I was going to use.) And it was the first time I was rooting for CJ in the Last Chance Kitchen, too.  John totally got his comeuppance with the garage sale pans. But I still voted for Kuniko.

I really thought Sheldon was going to win the Quickfire, with the whole knife-sharpening every day montage. Instead, Micah got it. Blech. Either he or Josie can go next, AFAIC. But I’m very happy John and his stupid glasses on the forehead are off my TV screen. Or my laptop screen, to be technically correct.

I’d like to believe that if he had been an ass and kept the pickle jar, they’d’ve kicked him off the show anyway. They were told from the beginning that there was a tenth moment to recreate, and the fact that they called five people in instead of the top 3 should also have been a clue that things were going to be switched up a bit. Come on, it’s Top Chef! There’s always going to be a twist. But then, I guess that’d be giving him credit for having any brains, which he obviously doesn’t.

At least Josh finally cooked a decent piece of pork, eh? Oh, and I totally called an English pea puree moment!

I have to admit, the more I see Kristen, the more I’m rooting for her. (Stefan is also beginning to grow on me.) I’m really looking forward to “her contribution” to the Healthy Choice TC inspired line-up.