OK, I guess this episode was a set up, which might explain the vaguely dissatisfied feeling I had after it was over. But I believe it also had a lot to do with the extremely confusing Enchanted Forest flashbacks. Of course, that was probably due to the long break and the fact that I didn’t watch the marathon leading up to the new episode for a memory refresher.

See, last I recalled Snow and Charming had gotten married via Lancelot so his mother could watch. Yes, I remember way back in Season 1 they had a big to do in front of lots of guests at the castle, which Regina interrupted. But I guess I didn’t realize they only got to have that castle after defeating King George Midas, so that when they had Regina at their mercy they weren’t married in the eyes of the people yet. Usually I’m able to fanwank time/continuity issues and stuff that happens offscreen, but life in L’Enchantment doesn’t really seem to have a set time, pre-curse that is, so it’s harder to figure out what the heck is going on when.

It also doesn’t help that patience isn’t one of my virtues. I want to find out who Henry’s father is and what relationship he has to L’Enchantment (if any) now. I’d like to know, if the curse is broken, and August/Pinnochio is in Storybrooke, why isn’t he up and around? I got the impression he was only becoming wood again because the curse hadn’t been broken and that as soon as it was, he’d be OK, but I seem to recall Emma or Snow or someone female visiting him to discover he’d reverted back completely. Does that mean he’s dead? Hasn’t the Blue Fairy checked on him lately?
Back to questions about this episode: Don’t you suppose there should be some way Red and Pongo can communicate so that Pongo can let her know he knew that wasn’t Regina that made off with Jiminy and left a simulacrum in his place? Now that Belle’s running the library, do you suppose our good guys can congregate in there and do research, a la BTVS’ high school years? Don’t you wish that Regina’s efforts to be good had given her a little better control on her temper, so she didn’t lose it and use her power on Emma, thereby “proving” she was up to her old tricks. And speaking of Emma, isn’t detecting lies supposed to be her superpower or something? Sure, she could tell that Regina was genuinely shocked at Dr. Hopper’s supposed death, and she has no reason to suspect that Cora’s in town, but Snow was jailed for not much more planted evidence, so I would’ve liked to see her nurture that shadow of doubt a bit longer.
A friend of mine said she hopes Emma and Hook get together because they have mad chemistry. I don’t know what to think about that. Comments?

And finally, in the previous episode, Cora was telling Hook that he’d be frozen in time for 28 years while the curse took effect and the savior was growing up. What was she up to during all that time? Other than wearing Lancelot as a meatsuit, that is.