*If you don’t get this reference, I think you should expand your musical choices.

OK, let’s get minor storyline E or so out of the way first. Not that I minded getting to see Jessica Tuck not playing a shapeshifter, but I really hope neither of the Kennishes run for public office.

In other news, I immediately pegged Theo as a new love interest for Daphne.  I just can’t see her with Travis, as sweet as he has turned out to be. And I’m glad to see Emmitt and Bay slowly making their way back together. That’s how to tell a story like that. Makes me rethink my dealbreaker stance on infidelity.

Speaking of infidelity, I’m confused. Was that a DNA test Angelo was waving around? Was it determined that the kid is his? Are we going to see Billie Jean around more now? (Again, expand your music repertoire). Maybe she can adopt Travis as a live-in babysitter, thus solving his housing problem. But I suspect he’ll wind up moving in with the Kennishes, too.  Or maybe Daphne will hire him as a driver and sous chef, and he can sleep in the truck at night to guard it from theft.  I don’t see why that couldn’t be her 7th period project.

Now that Angelo knows Bay knows about BJ, do you think he’ll step up telling Regina, or do you think he’s really planning on doing what Bay accused him of planning on doing?

Do you suppose we’ll see Toby’s potential love interest at the recording session? I don’t remember how her having a boyfriend back home played out, do you? As I mentioned, I’d like to see Travis get a love interest other than Daphne. And if Bay’s going to join the pilot program, then I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more of it and, by extension, Theo.

Now I think I’ll go rewatch some of the ASL videos I saw on eHow and try to retain some more signs.

Nina Lisa