So, Aiden just moved to the top of my list for the person who’s found dead on the sunken Amanda, but Nate Ryan’s not too far behind. I’m just afraid that he’s not going to open up to Emanda about Helen’s demands. I truly think that he would’ve, despite the threat to his sister, until he saw her kissing Daniel.

In other coupledom, I really hope Nolan doesn’t get back together with Marco. I’m not sure that I could ever forgive someone betraying me like that, and N. truly does seem happy with Padma.

I hope Declan took a page out of Jack’s book and was honest with Charlotte about what’s going on with the Ryan boys, but I doubt it. Convenient, tho, that Amily is staying with Ems, so that the latter gets to ride to Jack’s rescue yet again. (Which is why Nate Ryan’s #2 on my list).

JR Bourne does such a good job of playing the villain (on both Teen Wolf and Secret Circle) that I find it hard to read him as anything else on this show (not to mention that the show’s a veritable playhouse of villains to begin with), so I’m not really sure I believe his apology to Declan. I think he and his brother are playing good cop/bad cop.

I’m fairly sure that Ems and Aiden wanted Daniel to be Grayson’s CEO, so I’m confident Ems is only playing along with Victoria in order to cultivate a favor. I suspect it will stand her in good stead when he tracks the breadcrumbs back to find that emptied account and finds out *she’s* the real Amanda Clarke.