So, Dean can cook, no surprise there. So can Chilli, Carnie and Hines. Kathy Najimy and Cornelia Guest (a self-proclaimed socialite shown as having dated both Mick Jagger and Sylvester Stallone) both cook vegetarian/vegan, but fall into the stereotypical “bland” trap. I hope this means all those vegetarian cooking books I downloaded so I’d have more ideas for serving veggies aren’t totally useless.  The big surprise to me is that Johnny Weir can cook. I don’t know why that’s such a surprise. His chicken meatballs sounded delicious, but how hard would it’ve been to toss a little applesauce in there to add moisture if he didn’t want to add fat, instead of drowning them in truffle oil? Of course, the last time I tried something similar, I was making turkey sausage, and I both overworked it and had to buy pre-ground turkey since I can’t run a meat grinder. Point Johnny.

But even as annoying as Gilbert Gottfried is, I almost felt sorry for him when he blanked on cooking anything, and then wound up making PB&J for the “blind” taste test, which defeated the purpose since that’s evidently all he can make.  At the same time, as soon as Rachel said they had to make something they’d make for a midnight snack, I said, “Oh, the PB&J would be good for this.”  And when Gilbert got to the kitchen, in his interview he made the comment that he can’t cook.  Well, then, why’d you even enter a cooking competition in the first place? Surely there are better ways to draw attention to your charity? (I’d post a link but I’ve forgotten the name and can’t find a decent mention of it online).

Food Network has recipes from the Season 1 celebrities; I hope they post some from this season, too. I’d like to try Hines’ wings, Chilli’s tilapia, Kathy’s hummus, Johnny’s chicken meatballs, Dean’s deconstructed S’Mores and Carnie’s bread pudding. I’m still rooting for Dean.