Restaurant wars, except it’s Top Chef, so there has to be a twist, right? Right. I’m excited to see Kristen’s concept next week, although now I have to research exactly what a French bistro is, for my own purposes.

And hurrah, Micah is gone! Yet another time I crossed my fingers for a CJ win in LCK, although I’m fairly sure that the producers have already decided who’s going to be coming back for the finale. Doesn’t stop me from tweeting for Kuniko, tho.  Speaking of Kuniko, and some of the other former cheftestants, it was nice to see Steven request Carla for his sous chef because he respects her skills.  As for the other bottom chefs, I’m only glad Josie and Lizzie are still around so Kristen has more people to help her. I’m not impressed with Josie’s time management skills, and I couldn’t believe Lizzie mouthed off to the judges like that. I’d now be happy if either of those two went home next.

Brooke’s beginning to grow on me; I really liked her Quickfire dish concept, and it’s nice that Wolfgang Puck liked it, too. He was a Jeopardy answer the other night, and I knew he’d be in the category, and I still missed it.

I will say this about Lizzie’s restaurant concept: I thought it was interesting. I love Italian food and have learned to make quite a few dishes; but most of them are the “traditional” ones. I’d be interested in sampling and learning about the ones that have a Balkan influence.