Wow. What an episode. For me, other than Adele’s operation, most of the action occurred at the wedding, so that’s what I’ll concentrate on.

Couples therapy.  When Alex and Princess Jo were sitting at the bar, they were kinda cute together, so they’re growing on me, although the drunken crying act, not so much.  The potential pairing of Stephanie and Jackson is pretty hot, as evidenced by the steamy windshield in the hospital parking lot.  April and Shane, OTOH, gag! I wasn’t impressed with their being included in the couple montage at the end.  Yay for Callie and Arizona working on getting back together. Yay for Owen and Christina opting to stop hurting each other, but I hope this doesn’t mean that Owen has given up on the idea of them as a couple working, just that now he knows he can’t cage Christina.  If he still harbors hopes for a wife and 2.5 kids and a white picket fence, I’m going to be pretty bummed because he’ll have to look elsewhere.  I’m over the top excited that Miranda and Ben made it official like I was hoping they would.

I’m not going to bother commenting on the C storyline because it was a boring, horrible plot device contrived to make Owen realize he couldn’t cage Christina. This show tends to have their Patient of the Week (POTW) have a parallel storyline, or something about their disease/home life/whathaveyou that will resonate with one or the other of whatever main character’s storyline is going on so that someone can learn A Very Important Lesson. Sometimes it’s nice and subtle, or well written, mostly they hammer us over the head with it. Sometimes it’s a rubber mallet, sometimes a brick. This time it was the whole damn wall. I’ve seen an entire play concept done so the playwright could use just one line; but it was well written and acted and it didn’t irritate me like this one did. Oh, look, I’ve written a whole paragraph on something I wasn’t going to bother commenting on.

And last but not least, a fond farewell to Adele Webber.