As usual, I have a bone to pick with TWOP over this one. They’re not recapping it, but in their poll as to whether or not their readers will be watching it, one of the options is, “Nope. I’ve already got one Revenge.” Oy. Cue me banging my head against something. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a good ten to fifteen years older than the majority of the editors, recappers, and quite probably all the readers, or if they’re just being wilfully obtuse in a mistaken effort to be snarky, but this type of idiocy drives me bat shit.  A simple look at the definition of the two words will show you why the two shows are not identical twins.

If, OTOH, they’re trying to point out that yet another show has popped up with a premise that doesn’t seem like it can stretch for six seasons and a movie, then I’d say they’re bang on.

I was pretty sure that Mia was Vivian’s daughter from about the first time I saw her; good casting on that one. Not so thrilled with the younger Joanna, tho. IMDB doesn’t list who played the pregnant teenage Vivian (or even the adult Vivian), which is too bad because she reminds me of someone I can’t place, and I liked her.

It does, however, let me know that I recognized Wes Brown from 90210, most likely. I’m intrigued by the character as well as the actor’s good looks, so that’s a bonus.  I suspect that while he  may be the one that gave Vivian that bruise, he’s not going to turn out to be the murderer. Shows almost never let audiences in on that big a secret this early. Speaking of which, that’s what I mean by the premise not stretching. We’ll find out who the murderer is by the end of the season. If we don’t, people will tune out. If we do, what’s left to discover? What’s left for Joanna to stop pretending she’s not there as an undercover cop investigating a case?

I’m not 100% sure that he gave her that bruise, either.  Just because he had a ring he dropped into a lake doesn’t mean it’s the same one that left the bruise.  Maybe it was a family crest, and Edward and Robert have them as well.  Maybe it’s a college/fraternity ring, or from a fraternal/service organization.

Yes, it took me a while to get around to watching it, because I just have so many shows to watch and then talk about (even tho it appears I’m the only one doing the talking), it’s a bit overwhelming and I seriously considered just putting this one on the chopping block without giving it a chance. I’m glad I gave it that chance; I’ll be keeping it in my line up.

Nina Lisa