I thought it was fairly obvious that *something* was going on with the bellhop from the way he kept leering over Claire while she and Phil remained oblivious per usual, so I wasn’t too surprised when their romantic evening was interrupted. And I’d seen the scene with Billy Dee Williams and Gloria, so I wasn’t surprised when he showed up. What I was surprised by was that the episode contained no mention of the birth of her baby, which has been previewed even more than that one scene. Enough so I thought her water would break then at the very least, but it didn’t even happen after the fade out.

Looks like Haley’s getting a dose of her own medicine is going to do more to straighten her up than anything Phil and Claire can do. I realize it’s a big ensemble, but it really seemed like Cam, Mitchell, and Lily were wasted in this episode. Perhaps there will be more to talk about the next time around, but this time was pretty tame.