What a delicious, title appropriate ending! It seems that in this episode, Conrad was the only one not keeping secrets, since he readily admitted to Jack and Emanda that he’d only gotten Jack sprung to forward his political career. And about that: it’s a blog, so I can say, “I told you so!” I told you Kenny was playing good cop to Nate’s bad cop, but Emanda wasn’t any more fooled than I was. Nor Declan, for that matter.

On second thought, Conrad wasn’t the only one not keeping secrets, at least not entirely.  Aiden did step up and tell Amily about his meeting with Helen, so I had nothing to be worried about after all. I’m just not 100% sure she bought their whole little set up game, since she always seems to be about two steps ahead of everyone.  I wasn’t surprised when Nolan showed up to “rescue” Amily, although he had me fooled at the benefit; when he asked her what Aiden and Helen could be talking about, I thought perhaps he wasn’t in on the whole situation. Yes, I’d already forgotten the whole cutesy little Bond scenario. That was a pretty good Sean Connery imitation Barry Sloane pulled, and I love Nolan being Q! So obvs, with his technological know-how.

Speaking of which (does anyone know any more phrases that mean that, so I don’t repeat myself too much?), I was pretty confident that Marco would’ve known enough about Nolan not to use a ghost program to communicate with Daniel.  And somehow, the look Padma gave him when that ghost e-mail popped up further clued me in that yes, she was setting him up to get him out of the way. So while her connection to the Initiative was a delicious shout-out to the episode’s title, I’m sad for Nolan. I’d like to see him in a good relationship, instead of this constant run of psychos he’s managed to collect (I include Marco among them).

And that last comment segues well into noting Ashley’s return.