For me, this was a much more satisfactory blending of FairyTaleLand and present day. When we first see Belle back in FTL, she’s joined by a gentleman whom we now know as Grumpy, but she greets him as Dreamy, and their ensuing conversation quickly establishes that this is well before any of the goings-on immediately before the curse that sent everyone to Storybrooke.

I do have a quibble with her storyline that was brought up by one of the friends who was watching the show with me. Did they really stop by her house long enough for her to change? Maybe that’s why they dumped her off the back of the wagon after she ostensibly told them where to find the monster.  At least now we know how Mulan and Prince Phillip hooked up.

So, here’s a question: Rumpy was using Bael‘s shawl to put the potion on so his memory wouldn’t be lost when he crossed the town line. He first tested this out on Smee’s hat, but later turned Smee into a rat and (I think) just left the hat lying there. Is the potion good for the first time crossing only? I’d heard it has to be something the user owns, but if he’s using something Mila made for Bael, then what’s to stop someone wearing Smee’s hat to cross the town line?

Speaking of crossing town lines, who do we think is in the car with the PA plates? Obvious answer to me would be Emma’s ex-boyfriend/Henry’s father, but IIRC, last we saw he was in NYC. Perhaps he stole the car from a tourist? (Since that’s how she got her VW bug).  Maybe it’s Baelfire and so Rumpy won’t have to leave Belle but instead can hook up with Regina and try to find a cure for the memory loss. Except since his magical knowledge is encyclopedically vast, I suspect there really isn’t a way to undo it.  Too bad, because I liked having Emilie de Ravin on my TV screen again.

I’m glad she found Archie right away and rescued him, too. Now Henry doesn’t have to feel horrible about Regina any more. But Emma’s right, there’s still a price to pay.  Another reason I think the outsider is his father.  Speaking of which, I have a quibble with naming this episode “The Outsider”. We don’t get to see him/her until next week, so why not name that episode “The Outsider”, since it will in fact be about the outsider? Oh, sure, I get that they wanted to showcase Belle, Mulan, Hook, and Rumpy as outsiders themselves, but we knew that already. Why not name it something like Monsters and Memories, which IMO would be more apt to what actually happened during both the flashbacks and Storybrooke story lines?

Oh well. See you next week.

Nina Lisa