So much going on in these episodes, it’s hard for me to keep it all straight, so please forgive me if I tend to meander. I think I’ll try to keep it separated by couples again, although there’re a few triangles, too.

Ted/Kristen/Rebeccannie: I can generally fanwank stuff that happens off-screen when it’s obvious, and coming in in the middle of both Ted and Kristen’s therapy session and their coffee date afterward would normally lead me to surmise that perhaps Ted came clean with Kristen about their adopted daughter(s) origins, but his long hesitation before agreeing to no more secrets and his temper tantrum in the car both show me she’s still in the dark. Exactly how much he knows about the fact that there are twins remains to be seen, but if I recall the first season stuff correctly, I’m pretty sure he knows Sutton is Rebecannie’s daughter. I wish he’d been clearer telling Rebeccannie to butt the hell out.

Dan/Theresa: The couple that does stake-outs together solves cases together? I totally agree with Dan. It is just like Alec to frame himself to make himself look innocent. Because he is crazy like a fox.

Laurel/Mads/Jordan: Dammit, why can’t they give Laurel a decent boyfriend instead of one with a plot up his sleeve? Honestly, I think he’s more interested in continuing things with Mads, and is only courting Laurel because step-mommy dearest wants him to. I’m just not sure how that plays into her plot to get Ted.  Besides, technically and legally, Rebeccannie isn’t his step-mother any more. And since she is Mads’, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with dipping the toes into that family pool again. At the same time, I can understand why Mads is a bit skeeved out.

Ethan/Sutton: They don’t deserve each other like Emma says, and he’s hurting for E. so bad we can taste it. Notice how he had to be drunk to go there? And why is she interested in her sister’s sloppy seconds, anyway? Yeah, she had him first, but she treated him like crap and will continue to not look out for his best interests (because getting him in trouble for cheating is so her, and so not what he needs right now), so she was obviously just using him as a way of rebelling against her white-bread parents to begin with and now only wants him because Emma has him.

Emma/Thayer: OK, I kinda feel bad for him now, because that story goes a long way to explaining why Alec is such a shit to him and Mads is daddy’s little girl, but I just don’t like the two of them together.

Other thoughts: Love Laurel’s response to Rebecannie’s prying about her parents. How the hell did Sutton find out about the counseling? Jordan appears to be a real stand-up guy, which is why I’d rather see him with Mads and being honest than with Laurel and playing games. The question now is, has he really figured out that there’s two of them? Oh, and what does he know about Rebeccannie’s past? That will hopefully blow up in her face?

* The title of the episode is Cheat, Play, Love. IMO, they all add up to the title of this post. Cheating gets you a big fat zero, playing too many games gets you a big fat zero, and love, in tennis (the sport Sutton and Emma both play) equals zero. Edification time: The reason love equals zero in tennis is not because it is a corruption of the French word for egg, “loeuf”. Evidently in the 18th century, when you played a game sans wager or without anything riding on the outcome, you did it for love of the game.