So, Angelo came clean with Regina, but yeah, only because he was caught. And I guess it really is his kid. I believe she was pretty sure that was Lana she met in the elevator; I just don’t know how it’s all going to go down. I’d like her to be happy, but I’m beginning to believe that Angelo is not the answer. I wonder what Lana was doing heading back over to his apartment at that time of night?

Looks like Natalie’s not going to accept Bay (or Teo) any time soon. I hope that Bay and Teo don’t wind up hooking up because they’re a couple of the only hearing kids at a deaf school. I’d rather see him with Daphne, but we’ll see how it all plays out. Another favorite meme of TV writers is the couple that hates each other from the get-go, and that guy from the Vasquez’ old neighborhood sure seems to have it in for her. I just think she should be thankful that the crowd that was still there just left instead of stealing all the food and money when she left it all unguarded like that. I’m sure the majority of the people figured out what was going on and that they weren’t going to get fed, but it was definitely “dumb luck” that no-one in an admittedly rough neighborhood in a moderate crowd was that desperate or that criminally-minded.

As for Nikki and Toby, well, I have to totally side with her on this one. People are allowed to decide to go a different direction than the one they were headed for in the past, whether it’s for bad or good, although I’d hope it’d be for the good in the general run of things. And as his mom pointed out, he’s not exactly Mr. Saint himself.

I was a bit surprised at the complete lack of caring on the kids’ part about John’s plan to run for State Senator. They seemed to dismiss the whole thing pretty fast, but I guess if you’ve grown up with your dad as a famous ball player, then you’d be used to that type of thing. Daphne, OTOH, couldn’t possibly have a clue about what that’s going to entail. Then again, as Katherine pointed out last episode, they’ve pretty much already been through the whole being smeared in public rigmarole.

And why is everyone on ABCFamily shows eating ice cream out of the same container this week?