First, a disclaimer. I never watched SATC, so I don’t give a good goddamn about continuity issues between that show and this. If you want to bitch about that, go join the TWOP forums, because that’s what they’re ranting about, including how little they think Anna Sophia Robb looks like a young Carrie Bradshaw (or, more likely, SJP). I heartily disagree with this latter assessment.

Now, on to the good stuff. I am in total 80’s hog heaven. I’m a couple years older than Carrie Bradshaw, evidently, so in the fall of 1984 I was entering my first year of college. But I consider myself quite the 80’s baby, and am in love with getting to see all the fashion and accouterments of that age, as well as getting to hear my favorite music the entire show — although I admit I wasn’t exactly thrilled by the slowed down male cover of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”.  I’m also delighted to see Austin Butler on my screen again. He played the very-much-missed Wylie on Switched At Birth. I like the chemistry he has with ASR.

As I suspected, the show reminds me quite a bit of “Jane By Design” — a teenager with little to no adult supervision who gets to hang out in the Big Apple with people who think she’s an adult and has to juggle that life with the realities of high school, complete with hot guy with romance potential who helps her out. A la Awkward., she also has two best friends, one of whom is Asian.  Admittedly, towards the end of the pilot, her father appears to step up to assume the disciplinary role that’d been filled by her deceased mother, but I suspect that as is standard for CW fare, we’ll see very little of him otherwise.

Differences? Well, the most major one I can think of, and one story-line I’m eager to see more of, is that one of her best friends has a closeted boyfriend. Again, I can relate to this, although rather than it being one of my best friends’ boyfriend, it was one of my best friends, who came out the year after graduation. A minor difference, and one that won’t last long, is her internship at a stuffy law firm. It’s been set up that she’ll be making the move to the fictitious fashion mag Interview due to her innovative fashion sense, which brings us right back to Jane By Design territory.

Whether it’s a redux of JBD or SATC, it’s an absolute delight for me and I’m looking forward to more of the same.