And yet another GA villain rears his ugly head. In fact, when we finally saw his face, I was having flashbacks both to Batman’s nemesis Two Face and Ragetti in the first POTC movie (Ragetti was the one who had a glass eye).

So this new nemesis was named Firefly, after the group of firefighters he was a member of. I say was, because as another commentator pointed out, Arrow has a villain of the week who usually bites it at the end of the episode. The exception, of course, other than China White, is the Black Arrow, who thoroughly kicked Oliver’s ass and left him extremely demoralized before the holiday break.

I agree with the other commentator, who says that Oliver’s resultant six weeks off has a good side in that the people of Starling City (I’d been thinking it was Sterling, but I guess I heard wrong) have realized that crime actually lessened when the vigilante was on duty. In other news, those six weeks haven’t really advanced Laurel and Tommy’s relationship any, since although he evidently has a key to her apartment so he can be there waiting for her when she comes home from work, he doesn’t have a drawer.  I wonder if she’s even letting him keep a toothbrush there? Speaking of which, where’s Mr. Empty Trust Fund staying these days? Nor has it advanced Tommy’s job, since Oliver’s club is still so far under construction that it really doesn’t even matter when Firefly burns it down at the end. (Evidently the Arrowlair in the basement was fireproofed.)

But whatever the people of Starling City think, Laurel’s daddy Harry Dresden — oops, I mean former Detective now Sergeant Quentin Lance (did anyone notice if he’d been repromoted? I could’ve sworn that his tech guy called him Detective) isn’t buying it. When his pet techie isn’t able to come up with any incriminating info from the phone GA gave him, he’s not happy at the dead-end. But when Laurel subsequently swipes the phone and uses it to contact her favorite mystery man (necessitating an amusing scene where Oliver has to run away from her so she doesn’t hear him when he answers it), he takes advantage of the situation by nonchalantly handing it back to her after bugging it so he’ll be able to hear everything the two of them have to say to each other. What he thinks this is going to get him, I don’t know, since Oliver uses a voice scrambler and always meets with Laurel in shadowy places in full hood, mask, and gear.  I was also amused by their initial meet his episode, because I couldn’t help but think, “That was awful nice of her to turn the lights out for him!” when they met in what looked like her living room. Then again, I wasn’t paying full attention; someone wrote in their recap that Oliver took the lights out?

As for GA’s personal life, which he also worked on during the six weeks vaycay, it doesn’t really appear to have gotten any better, despite his claims to the contrary, although his little sister appears to have suddenly transformed from a druggie to an inspirational speaker. Or at least she was able to convince her mom to start running Queen Industries, or Enterprises, or Corporation, or whatever the heck it’s called, since the smart money’s on Walter being dead. All I have to say about that is: yeah, and the smart money was on Oliver’s being dead, too. But since I’m pretty sure Mr. Barrowmerlyn’s behind stepdaddy’s disappearance, I’m afraid that Oliver and Diggle are right.

Speaking of Diggle, how great was it that he was the one to push Oliver into putting his big vigilante pants back on? But was I the only one waiting for Oliver to add, “And you” when he was listing off the people he cared about to his sidekick?

Although I missed John Barrowman this episode, I was quite happy that the show appears to be just as bad ass as ever, and am looking forward to seeing what happens next.