*Title of the episode: Blind Sided. Shakespeare quote about love is blind: “Love is blind/And lovers cannot see/The pretty follies that themselves commit.” Because, yeah, this episode is about love and lovers more than the actual blind-siding that occurs in it.

So many thoughts swirling through my head as I watched the mid-season return of Suits just now, I hope I can keep them all straight. First, as much as I might’ve fallen for Mike Ross during the first season, I kinda fell in love with Harvey a little bit as he courted Zoe Lawford (and her niece Olivia). Perhaps it was aided by the fact that in real life, they’re married, so the chemistry was even more palpable? But really, it was the softer side of Harvey, aided by wardrobe’s decision to put him in a butter-soft leather jacket and unbuttoned shirt. Yum. So it was heart-breaking for her to have to end it.

And I even liked Louis while he was with Shelia. Of course he wants to be dominated. “Start with my slippers.” “Oh, thank you.” That was funny.  Too bad his potential first hire would be able to blow Mike’s cover, thus jeopardizing that relationship.  Poor Louis, if he can’t have Donna, he needs somebody to love him, other than himself, because otherwise he’ll continue to be just horrible, and not have any potential for any redeeming qualities. And IMO, if an evil character has no potential for being redeemed, then there’s no point to their being on my television screen. Initially, Rick Hoffman’s portrayal made you love to hate him, but after awhile, that gets rather wearying, and eventually you wind up just hating them. So there has to be some rooting basis, if you understand what I mean.

Back to Donna. Am I the only one who thought Tess kinda looked like her? It made me wonder what would happen if Mike hooked up with Donna. While I’d always wanted Donna and Harvey to get together, the possibility of a relationship between her and Mike instead intrigued me. (Yes, I am a hopeless romantic and want everyone to wind up happily committed to an S.O.) Not that we should count Rachel out of the running.  Personally, I think she should’ve just left well enough alone with the parting shot of, “You don’t know what you’re missing.”

And now to the man himself. As much as I care about Mike, I was very glad that first Harvey, then Rachel, and even Liam, by virtue of being a mirror image (which said mirror is the one Katrina advised him to look into) finally gave him a wake-up call. I’d thought he’d gotten his shit together after he started working at the firm, but then his former best friend kinda dragged him back down into it. Either that or we just weren’t shown he was still smoking dope all along, at least until Harvey caught him and implicitly gave his permission for Mike to continue. And I hope that part of getting it together includes taking Rachel off the pedestal he’s got her on. Relationships (and I do still hope they’ll have one, although I suspect the writers will tease us for another season or so) don’t get very far when one of the parties has put the other on a pedestal. I’m glad she threw her feet of clay in his face.

It’s going to be interesting having this Katrina working at the firm, and the previews for next week have me psyched.  See you then.