OK, if there wasn’t a Red/Whale ship before, I’m putting one to sea right now. They totally bonded over the whole monster thing, and the look on her face when he told her the guy was going to be OK — I thought she was going to kiss him. On my friend Kathy’s FB group, Once Upon A Time Junkies, we’ve been debating who Red should be with, and it was posited that she needed someone who’s just as wild and crazy as she is. Ta Da!

I really have to start paying better attention while the TV’s on, because I had to rewatch most of this episode online to catch what I missed last night. First thing I want to address is the whole outsider thing.  To me, it appears the curse is what kept “random strangers” (Red’s words) out of Storybrooke for the past 28 years.  There’s been debate over the town not being a self-sustaining agrarian culture, but I don’t think we know that to be true. In fact, we only know what they’ve chosen to tell us, and we’ve only met characters that are central to the current story line, whatever that may be. However, let’s say the town is not self-sustaining, and needs contact with the outside world for deliveries or mail or whatever. It occurred to me that non-random outsiders might have had regular contact with the town.

One thing that really tested my WSOD this episode is: how the hell did Cora know where to find Regina? Did assuming Henry’s form give her his memories? Because IIRC, only Regina and Henry knew about her hidey hole under her father’s coffin. But we cut from her smelling her daughter’s clothes (gross) and finding something that would allow her to assume his form, to “him” heading straight across the cemetery to the mausoleum. Of course, I was fooled into thinking he’d just had it click with Red’s comment about her having gone “underground” because I hadn’t even noticed he wasn’t even at the hospital.

Speaking of WSOD, I’m giving Emma the benefit of doubt. I’m not entirely sure she believed Greg-whoever when he said he didn’t see anything, and of course we’re in on the fact that he did, indeed, see plenty. So I’m not going to bitch about her supposed super power of being able to tell when people are lying having gone missing. Yet.

So, I’m not sure how I feel about the set up so far of Belle never getting her Storyland memories back.  True love’s kiss didn’t work. An item she once held dear didn’t work, although we don’t know if it might’ve before she threw it across the room. Rumpy said he’d charmed it, after all, so to me that means he had some of that potion left, or made some more.

Is anyone else familiar enough with the East Coast that they know where Bae is? I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to be looking at the very dark red state, or the white square that appeared in the middle of the red. I suppose I could go back and rewatch the video on ABC and pause it there. Maybe later. I do find it interesting that he and Cora appear to have had a more, shall we say, intimate relationship than once might’ve been thought? But I could tell by the look on his face that he doesn’t trust her any further than he can throw her, and neither should Regina. I feel sorry for both Rumpy and Regina, the latter of whom knows she’s being manipulated, but just can’t help wanting her boy back above everything else. In case any of you saw my post on Suits, this is what I mean by a love to hate character being redeemable.

I’m also hoping that someone out there has a better memory than I do of Gregory Itzen’s previous appearances on this show. I don’t recall him being connected with the Frankensteins previously. But I like how they’ve set up for even more non-Disney characters to come in, most notably their newly-acquired Star Wars world. Anyone else think the outsider might be someone from there?  After all, we have at least two new princesses (Padme and Leia) to utilize. 

Oh, and can I just say, how funny was it to hear Snow White be the one to ask “Can’t you tell he’s drunk off his ass?” Last person I ever expected to use that word in prime time!


PS Kathy, let me know if putting the show and episode in the post title works for you. If so, I can keep doing that, no problem.