Well, what with that ending, I’m sure there are plenty of people who will be jumping up and down at the thought that Shenae Grimes might be written out of the show. But I think if that were the case, why didn’t they just let her go off to Scotland and never return, kinda like Brenda before her?

And if everyone was so sure Vanessa was going to get arrested as soon as the cops got there, how come they immediately recognized the situation for what it was and hauled Ashley off instead? Did someone recognize her and decide she’d finally completely cracked or was obviously at fault?

I don’t always find myself relating to the characters on this show; at this point it’s more of a guilty pleasure. But I thought Dixon was right to finally tell Megan he was in the other car in the accident that took her father’s life, and with what he said to Silver. And he does have the background to talk to Silver, between his own adoption and the time he thought Sasha was carrying his child. I also believe him when he told Ade he doesn’t want to feel anything for her at all.  I just wish she’d go find Tyler again; I liked them together and never really got into her and Dixon.

Wow, has Silver effed up this time. First, as soon as Teddy’s uncle finds out she’s pregnant, he’s going to do everything in his power to get custody. And it won’t be long before it’s proven that she forged Teddy’s signature; she didn’t even bother to try to hide it.

It’s been so long since I’d seen the former Mrs. Clark that I didn’t recognize her, and all I could think of as I watched that scene (other than that there’s something wrong with the actress’ eyes), is that not only is she too young to have a 20-something year old daughter, she’s waaay too young to have a daughter who’s evidently about 10 years older than that, not to mention a grandson who’s about 3 now. But I do hope Naomi decides to fight for Max, after all, she has before, and more than once.

I didn’t buy the road trip storyline, and I don’t see any of the characters we met during it to last very long. We’ll see what happens next week, I suppose.