I had to laugh uncomfortably at Rick’s concern for his daughter’s vlog, since I watched this episode right after I finished debating whether or not I wanted to put my full name on my about page for this blog.

I did initially wonder if the dead guy’s partner had a hand it it (my friend Susan’s guilt by casting at work), but didn’t think he’d be so willingly handing over the info about the security tapes, etc. if he was.  Of course, if that was accurate in this case, Kelly Hu would’ve been the culprit. But getting the correct person around the first commercial break doesn’t usually happen (if it does, they don’t find out until later).  Then I thought perhaps the religious right dude was behind it, which made me wonder how long it is before one of those Westboro nutcases just starts assassinating homosexual soldiers.

While I enjoy seeing Jon Huertas sleaze it up as a single guy in NYC, I really liked Esposito and Lanie together, so I hope they resolve their differences. Does anyone recall exactly why she dumped him?

I had the opportunity this past weekend to catch a marathon on TNT, and it raised some questions for me: What college did Alexis decide to go to? What happened to her internship with Lanie? And the other two she supposedly had.

Right now, though, I’m rewatching it with my friend, who fell asleep before it aired, and since we have two other shows to go through, I’m going to try to blog as we go. Which leads me to my next thought: While I’m very happy to see Lex Medlin on my small screen again, it just reinforces my sadness at the cancellation of Drop Dead Diva, even though I wanted Deb-as-Jane to get together with Grayson, not Owen-as-Grayson. But his boogieing  along to Jungle Boogie was good for a laugh.

Great line of the night: “I never thought I’d say this past 6th grade, but our bra research is in.” Makes me wonder if the breakdown for the role of Tiffany Shaw included “36D” (and a mole) in the criteria. Since I don’t watch Y&R, I have no idea who Vail Bloom reminds me of, but she does.  I think it’s the voice, because her IMDB headshot reminds me more of your generic blonde soap vixen.

OK, continuity issue: The whipped cream got to that level before the camera cut away and the sound of whipped cream being squirted out kept going.

Interesting how this father’s love for his daughter turns him around, but Castle’s wrong in this case. There are way too many cases of abuse out there for that to be even an accurate generalization as opposed to a statement of his own feelings. Right now, the daughter’s getting interviewed, so my friend’s convinced it’t the CEO of Little Frog. I, of course, know better since I watched it last night, and as I type, she’s going to find out, too.

I found myself distracted by the projected words on the columns in the nightclub.  Wonder what they said?

Two weeks?!!?!?!  AAAGGGHHHH!!! Didn’t we just get over a hiatus? Sigh. OK, see you then.