Aiden just moved back to the top of my dead-body-on-Amanda list. When he told Amily that Helen had met with him, I had hopes. Now that he’s broken ties with her, I think he sealed his fate with the Initiative. Nate’s still in #2 place, especially since he’s trying to mess with the man who framed Daniel Clarke as a terrorist.

I’m still holding Mason in reserve. He’s only in jail because Amily can keep a better eye on him there. To refresh, the rest of the list is as follows:

Kenny Ryan (aka Mr Argent)

Marco Romero

Conrad Grayson

Daniel Grayson

Declan Porter

Jack Porter

Various tertiary characters I’ve eliminated because I don’t think we’ll be seeing them again this season. I seem to recall that by this time last season, we knew who it was who had really been shot, but I’m not quite sure where we are in the current timeline, as there’s not exactly a fancy Labor Day ball or any other holiday celebrations to judge by, and I don’t even recall what month Charlotte’s birthday is supposed to be in.

So, let’s see how all our favorite collaborators mixed it up this week, shall we?

Grayson/Clarkes:  Victoria and Amily think they’re in collusion over Daniel; Amily throws Vicky under the bus and ‘fesses up to Daniel, who was pretty sure that’s what was going on anyway. He’s forgotten his sister’s 18th birthday; neither of Charlotte’s sisters have. When she decides to celebrate by legally changing her last name to Clarke, Amily permits her self a small, dare I say, loving smile as she overhears this. Conrad, meanwhile, has rescued faux sister Emanda’s beau and baby daddy Jack from the evil Ryan brothers.

Ryan/Porters: Between them, Conrad and Jack have gotten the Ryan pere’s real killer to sign a written confession, thus letting Jack off the hook. The former then proceeds to buy out Kenny Ryan and the Ryan’s share of the Stowaway, which really annoys Nate Ryan, who evidently wants the bar for another reason. So he decides to go face Conrad on his own, and we are left with a closed-door meeting.

Nolan/Padma: Padma’s innocent act of misunderstanding last week screws her over this, since Nolan never did get around to telling her that the person Carrie Ann was the program Carrion, or so he tells Amily. Her advice is to play Padma the way Padma was playing him, so our favorite spy technique of desk-decor/spy-cam is brought into play, and he almost literally leads her by the hand to finding the flash drive she needs.

Amily/Aiden: The episode opened with Amily having a sex dream about Aiden, who morphed into Daniel, which didn’t slow her down one little bit. But at least she looked desolately at the empty bed beside her before going to meet her Brit on the beach so they can discuss their missions and make out in peace and quiet and sand. Unfortunately, about half-way through the episode, they realize their missions are in conflict, and Amily’s persuasion of Aiden to throw his over appears to have cost him his entirely, and their break up this time is not just for show.

The interesting thing is exactly how many of these pies the Initiative has their grubby fingers in, or, to put it in Helen’s words, how many of these are her “irons in the fire”. Aiden, Padma, and Daniel (albeit somewhat unknowingly) are all hers. Technically, so are those who struggle against her: Victoria and Conrad, and Amily. Sure, she thought Aiden’s partner was Victoria, so it looks like she remains unaware of Amily’s machinations for now, but I’m really beginning to think that she’s a serious puppet master and I’m wondering when the revenge part of the show’s premise will wind up getting more focused on the Initiative, or if it will switch to being about hers?

See you next week,