Wow, a switch back. I did not see that coming, but then again, I don’t know how the first switch fit into Rebeccannie’s plans to begin with. I’m happy that some of her plans are getting screwed over, though — her (currently) unknown accomplice screwing up the phone call to Jessica, Ted shutting down her fake-fear-pity-me-party, Jordan’s pursuit of Mads — and kudos to Alice Greczyn, because the look on her face after she slapped him but right before she lunged at him to kiss him senseless made it work. Besides, who wouldn’t want to kiss Hani Zakaria? He’s a very yummy young man, indeed. At least, as Jordan. And if I were still in high school. I do feel bad for Laurel, but I just really like Alice and Hani’s chemistry.
I’m very glad that Sutton didn’t really win the tennis match, but that Emma forfeited. That whole scene just reinforced how devious Sutton is and how caring Emma is. I kept waiting for her to tell Thayer, “Well, I’m stuck in the cabin now, why don’t you just come stay with me?” And am I wrong, or is she still the only virgin left among the girls? Not that that’s a bad thing! Speaking of reasons why teenage girls should practice abstinence, how awful was it that Rebecannie didn’t really care if Sutton’d been careless with Ethan, despite what’d obviously happened in her own past?
Could someone remind me whether or not Laurel knows about Emma? Because if not, she’s going to be one seriously hurt girl when Sutton starts in on her bitchiness regime again. Although really, if she thought a container of leftovers for the plumbing job meant her folks were getting back, then she’s obviously still in Fantasyland.
I had to admit, until the end, I didn’t know whether Alec had framed himself or Rebeccannie had.  And if she did, why’d she marry him? How does being married to him fit in with her Ted-and-the-girls-happy-family plans?
I’m not sure I still really understand how Ethan can’t decide which twin he likes better, but the truth is that he was a bit more of a bad boy, dating the bad girl, before Emma came along.  Which made them a perfect fit.  And it’s the age old story that Emma not only makes him a better man, but want to be that better man. But he’s young, and the young are filled with self-doubt and not knowing who they really want to be. Like he said to his brother, when he slept with Sutton, he “screwed up. As usual.” He kinda believes not just that that’s all he is, but that that’s all he ever will be. And perhaps he feels it’s all he deserves. It would’ve been nice if he’d managed to tell Emma what happened before Sutton did, but technically, she did give them her permission. And while they’re not horrible about never telling others what’s going on on this show, so that I’d like to believe she remembers he was going to tell her something while they were studying, they’re not so great at it that I trust she really will. But is it wrong of me to be glad that Thayer’s leaving?
Speaking of the Rybacks, I wonder where Mads is going to live now? She won’t want to stay at the Mercers with Sutton, and Laurel feeling betrayed by her, but she won’t want to live with Alec, Rebeccannie and Jordan.  Maybe she’ll join Emma in the cabin? Not that I expect Emma to hold to her own rules. That will definitely be a case of what’s good for the goose, even if in this instance they’re just birds of a feather.