So, Oliver trained himself on that island? That’s really testing my WSOD. I mean, really testing it. But I guess we’ll learn more each flashback.

I’m glad Tommy and Laurel are getting closer. I like them better than Ollie and Laurel.  I also like the idea of Carly and Diggle getting together, even if the guy who planted the seed turned out to be a baddie.  And I think Ollie’s keeping Diggle around for comic relief, not his optimism.

As soon as I saw Thea in her car (guess she did get one), I said, “Oh, this isn’t going to end well.” Didn’t see her arrest coming, though.

Nice to know Walter is alive. I’m not sure I believe Moira wasn’t having an affair, though. Maybe not with Barromerlyn, but still. She just seems that type. And aren’t she and Walter supposed to have gotten together fairly quickly after The Queen’s Gambit was declared lost at sea?

Wait, what? Mysterious Chinese guy is one of the baddies again now? I think I’d like a full episode of flashbacks soon.

Is it my imagination, or is the drug they’re going after next week this “Vertigo”?