Bradshaw Family: Well, in standard CW scripting, Carrie’s father seems to be pretty ineffectual still. I don’t think forbidding her from seeing Sebastian’s going to work. She may not have snuck out to help him avoid the dinner at the country club (and I have to add that Terry Serpico looks damn good with his hair like that. I hope this means we’ll be seeing more of him, but not that his Army Wives character will be getting killed off. It’s bad enough that they’re killing off who they are.), but I suspect she’ll be more than willing to do so to keep seeing him. It was nice to see her and Dorritt getting a bit closer; I hope D. can forgive her for throwing her over for a guy. Not cool, but I’ve done that myself at that age.

Maggie/Walt: Oh, just come out of the closet already, Walt dear. Maggie’ll still care about you, and she’ll be happier with someone else, anyway. Although not the deputy who seems to think “Lie with me” means “Cop another feel”.

Mouse/Seth (?): Glad they seem to be back on track.

Donna/Sebastian: Yeah, not going to happen, Big D. Take your bad perm and out-of-period black and white marbled cover Mead composition notebook off, and don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. Speaking of OOP, I admit that living in Alaska meant our styles, fads, etc. were a bit behind the times, and probably well behind the East Coast, but not only did we not have vending machines in our school, we didn’t have any that looked like that. And Mouse’s package of Doritos was definitely one of the new design.

NYC Carrie: Way to bribe the boss, Carrie. Too bad it didn’t really work. Hope Larissa offers you an internship at Interview soon.