Did anyone else catch the chemistry between Toby and Lana? Or was that just me? And why is there only one car repair shop in Kansas City, anyway? And here’s why you shouldn’t use Wikipedia for research: its article on the show claims it’s set in KC, MO. But John is running for the Kansas State senate. And I’m pretty sure that I remember Daphne telling someone that Carlton was considered the premiere deaf school in Kansas, not just Kansas City. Which means that that is the KC the show is set in.  And really, that’d be the KC I’d think of first. Just like I’d think of London, England before London, Kentucky. I could go on, but that’s not what this post is supposed to be about, so back to the show.

I think I can tell the show is produced in a liberal town when they stereotype Republicans by requesting that John rein in his little woman because she dared to discuss politics instead of recipes on the talk show.  I was actually surprised that they were Republicans, since they seem pretty liberal to me.

So, I was really hoping for a Noah and Daphne hook-up; I liked their connection at the retreat more than her and Teo’s, and thought maybe he’d open up to her about his diagnosis. But when I went to the ABC Family website just now to confirm what John’s campaign website said, I got to see the preview for next week, and it showed her and Travis in a lip lock. Evidently Noah’s going to get closer to Bay. Argh. But I guess it wouldn’t be good TV if we all had our favorite couples all the time; look at all the Team Stelena vs. Team Delena TVD fans.

Speaking of the retreat, I really thought that Natalie and Bay had reached a sort of detente, but evidently Natalie didn’t think so. I’m glad Bay stepped forward with the truce, but I saw a list of summaries for all the episodes, and there’s one coming up in March, IIRC, where the deaf students protest against the pilot program being extended.

I was really sorry to hear Regina’s prognosis, and I sincerely hope that’s not a reflection of the real world, but I’m afraid that her line about learning to sign so rapidly at an advanced age means it is. Because Regina didn’t have to learn to sign so rapidly, Constance Marie did. As for using the other hand, that’s a question I was wondering myself. I’m left-handed, and I tend to use my left hand for signing more. And I’ve noticed that Toby does, too. So why can’t Regina?  Although I suspect that it’d be very difficult to switch to your non-dominant hand.  I’d think she should still be wearing the brace if she’s not supposed to use it like that anymore.  Also, for some reason this episode I noticed Daphne signing a number with her palm facing toward herself, which I guess is how you’re supposed to do it, but I’ve also noticed not everyone does that (including the instructors on eHow). I do know that they actually have an interpreter on set because of the regionalisms in sign between Marlee, Sean, and Katie.

Well, I still have six shows or so to go, and my friend is rewatching Arrow right now, so I’d better close this for now. See you next week.

Nina Lisa