I’m not sure I entirely buy that no-one picked up on Arizona’s phantom leg pain. Even I’ve heard of it.  But I guess if she was so successful at hiding it from Callie, of all people – an orthopedic surgeon who lives and sleeps with her – then I guess I can give everyone else a pass for also not picking up on it. I just don’t see how Callie could be so blind about it.

Yay, Meredith! Erica Jong would be proud. As for Shane, well, I think I might just have to adopt the TWOP recapper’s nickname of Smash. Because that was about his level of competence this episode. And speaking of levels of competence, I agree with Alana that the ER needs to go. I think they’ll be so much better served as a teaching hospital sans all the trauma stuff. But just when April had a cute guy interested in her, and Justin Breuning was back on my TV screen!  For the record, I don’t think April was being super harsh on Stephanie because she and Jackson are now hooking up. That was classic April, in teaching mode. I hope she passes her boards this year.

Yay, Callie, for fixing Derek’s wrist/hand so that the neurosurgeon god could do a 23 hour surgery. And a nod of appreciation to Princess Jo for keeping Alana out of his OR for as long as she did.

Yay, Alana, for letting Arizona and Alex keep the African orphanage charity surgeries. Yay, Bailey, for being a voice of reason, and for not being more nasty about all those millions Derek et all will have to fall back on being the reason the hospital has to make cuts.

I would’ve liked some more Christina and Owen hook-up, but over-all, it was a good and satisfying episode for me.