I dunno, it just seems appropriate to me that Treat Williams is Neal Caffrey’s father. It works. And the parting? Yeah, I got a little verklempt myself. Very well written and acted. I’m very glad Neal decided he wants his dad to be part of his life.  And I liked how quickly James picked up on Peter and Elizabeth sort of unofficially adopting Neal.

So, I wonder who this dirty cop who has evidently risen even higher will turn out to be. My money’s on Agent Kramer. He was just too eager to get his hands on Neal.

Love that Elizabeth had to step in and save the day. She can really think on her feet. I’m enjoying having both Tiffani Thiessen and Sharif Atkins back on my small screen.

Last week was a busy week for me; I hope to not fall any further behind in my other shows than I already am, and perhaps I’ll be able to catch up this weekend.