And it’s not Chris Everett. But in one instance, it’s Tracey. No surprise there, really. But Jim Brass had a couple of really bad lines this episode. Those’d be the ones that everyone in the viewing audience finishes with him. I think my cat could write better lines than that.

As for the other instance, hmm. Does Elizabetta know about Hodges’ propensity for octupi porn? Yeah, I think it’s a green card marriage, too, although I do hope it isn’t.  Being the romantic that wants everyone to be happy and all. I haven’t really liked him with anyone since Liz Vassey’s character left, and I don’t see him with Morgan. Of course, that’s probably because I’ve had her pegged for Greg since day one.

I have to admit that I’m not sure I’m going to keep this show listed in my categories. I dropped Bones because I have too many shows on Mondays, and I’m way behind on lots of shows this week because last week was super busy for me.  But this isn’t the first time I’ve taken more than a day or two to do this series. Drop a comment if you think you’d keep reading.