I think if Johnny had left the sausage in the casing, he would’ve won. Or at least had a better chance. I’m very worried about Dean-O now, but Johnny does have my respect and I hope his husband knows what a catch he’s got.

This isn’t the first time Rico Rodriguez has had to judge a food competition. I don’t recall what show had their cheftestants serve lunch to the cast and crew of Modern Family some time last year, but I remember then being impressed by his knowledge of what he did and didn’t like, and ability to express it. So much better than the staged interviews at the party where some kid is trying to sound like a food critic and their pal is reduced to saying, “Me, too.” after an excruciatingly long pause while they try to remember their line.

I was way psyched to see that Dean has his own blog:  http://deanmcdermott.com/blog/cat/gourmet-dad because when I went there I saw that he’s got his first recipe up. Here’s hoping for the rest of them, including Dragon Breath!

I also want to try Johnny’s sausage sandwich and Carnie’s dog and ketchup (I usually eat my hotdogs with cheese, ketchup, and onions, so the addition of bacon sounds wonderful!), Carnie’s sloppy Joes to see for myself about the flavors, Johnny’s chicken fries, Dean’s pizza, Kathy’s S’more Krispies, and Hines’ quesadillas.

Help me next week by crossing your fingers for Dean and sending good wishes his way!

Nina Lisa