Surprise, surprise, surprise. I didn’t like the idea of Daphne with Travis. I didn’t like Travis, and he hadn’t really redeemed himself to me. I didn’t really see any chemistry there, although I knew he definitely like liked her. But the way the writers dealt with the situation, and the way the actors portrayed it, I bought it. Hook, line, and sinker.  I thought it was very well done, and very sweet. It worked that Bay did her little “jealousy test”; it made it even more believable. And, let’s face it, I liked how Ryan Lane looks in a towel. (He’s 25; I can say that without feeling too skeevy, even if I am old enough to be his mother.)

As for how he wound up in that towel, well. Some fast thinking on everyone’s part but Lana and the guy from ICE. How stupid do you have to be, or blind, I guess, to not notice people are signing in front of you when they a) don’t need to (John and Katherine) and b) the person they’re signing to is facing you but obviously looking at them (Regina and Katherine).  And I’d think even someone who doesn’t know ASL could pick L-L-I out of the alphabet.

I admit, I didn’t know which way Regina was going to go for sure, but she almost blew it by snarling at Angelo right away and then stomping out of the main house and heading for the guest-house before the Immigration official even left! He had to have heard her heels on that floor, and know she was coming out after him. And while the various angles make that driveway really funky, it really looked like he would’ve seen her stomping off to the guesthouse once he got in his car. I suppose I can fanwank it that he thought she was mad at Angelo for bringing Lana over, and was then confronting her, but it’s kinda stretching it thinner than I usually have to do for this show. Then again, now that I’m pondering it as I type, it did look like she was really out of the guesthouse. Then Lana said she’d met her in the elevator on the way to see Angelo. So those two things would make it seem like she and Angelo were living together, I guess. I don’t know how suspicious that officer really was; he seemed to go back and forth on it. Perhaps it looks more suspicious to me because I know the truth?  And this new guy — I’m not liking him at all. Mainly because I want Angelo and Regina to work it out for their own sake, not Bay or Daphne’s.

Speaking of Bay, I’m glad she found out the letter is real.  But what kind of an artist is she that she can’t read a certificate of authenticity? I’m sorry that her little-girl-lost dreams didn’t give her the father she wanted, but I think Angelo is trying, the best that he can now.  Maybe her hanging the letter back up in its place of honor over her bed means she realizes that.

I hope so.

Nina Lisa