0800 and Mike isn’t in yet? As an associate, isn’t he supposed to be in even earlier? And why is vacuuming up the pot better than flushing it down the toilet?

Louis, don’t f*** with Jessica. You do need this.

Yeah, Mike, you need to remember, Harvey is not your friend. He’s your boss. That said, Jimmy, you have no idea what Harvey’s done for Mike.  But is it just me, or did that day go by awfully fast? It seems like we see more action at this firm after dark than we do during the day.

No surprise here. Only a matter of time before Louis fired Harold. I mean, really. How incompetent is this kid?

Well, essays don’t cut it when you have to think fast and on your feet. But I don’t blame Mike. I’m surprised he doesn’t just tell Harold to try Bratton Gould, but he can’t be responsible for Harold when he has enough trouble just keeping his own nose clean (pun intended) for Harvey.

Rick Hoffman is a great actor. I think Louis needs a tissue.

Go, Louis!

You know, Mike and Louis have a bit of a frenemy thing going as much as Louis and Harvey do. IMO.

Ha! I knew Mike was going to get Harold a job at Bratton Gould. Right now, I’m glad Rachel’s being mean to him, though, and putting him in his place. I hope she forgives him eventually. I also think both Harvey and Louis just need someone to love them. I’m glad Louis is staying. I still think Mike should take some kind of night courses so that he can actually graduate from college, and then law school, whether it’s Harvard or not.