Welcome back to my small screen, Show. Good to know it’s only been 28 days since you left us. Which quickly becomes 30 and later 35, possibly longer.

So 28 days after the events of the previous episode, TK has been replaced by “Toes” Kingston, who is doing so well playing with the faux football team the New York Hawks against other faux football teams (I don’t know if these teams are AFC or NFC), that he is trying to co-opt the Lambeau Leap.  Playing the same team they were playing while TK was watching in rehab. Which may be the same game, since I guess that was day 28 and he gets out on Day 30 after getting his one month chip (and a ficus). And *then* they have Marshall Pittman’s funeral. Really? I thought they’d gotten the results of the autopsy last episode, so shouldn’t the body have been released already? Does it normally take more than a month to have the funeral in a suspicious death? I’ve only been in that type of circumstance a few times, all natural, and all services/funerals were held within the week, IIRC.

So, Dani finally gets to go to therapy of her own, with her former professor played by Peter McNichol. Hmm.

You know what they say about the Greeks bearing gifts? Yeah, apply that to TK right now.  What do they mean, it’s too early to tell about his attitude? It’s the same as always: entitled dickhead.

Ah, therapy with a therapist. What fun. For those of you who don’t know, to therapists, crossing your arms is a defensive posture.  I think of that every time I do it, and always have to stop and think, how am I feeling right now. Sometimes I’m just feeling more comfortable, sorry.

Oooh!  Matt looked a little jealous/disturbed by TKs speculation about Dani and Nico.  But the whole kid thing is a pretty big hurdle to get over. I like how she describes the two of them later on, though. It’s how a love triangle is done well. I like her with both of them. I suspect we’re going to see more of the exploration with Nico, though, before she gets back with Matt. Which I hope she does, but since I personally don’t want to have kids, or step-kids, I can kinda see where she’s coming from. So I’m a little torn.

Lotta breaking glass this episode. That’s the third time. Score: Lindsay, 2, Juliette, 1.

Great, now we’re going to have Mark Cuban as a guest star? Ugh!

Ha. “It’s all about TK”. Yeah, didn’t I say that about 5 paragraphs ago?

Oh, and now Toes is being a douche, too. Is that a standard attitude for wide ends?

So, Juliette’s decided to retain control of the company. Good for her. I have to admit she looks pretty grown up in the final scene. And it’s a good excuse to keep Nico’s character around. Not to mention firing Hank’s.  I have to admit, I didn’t really care much for him, so I’m glad “the league” is out of the picture.

Uh-oh. Why’s she texting RayJay? Yeah, I saw the chemistry. Dani’s not going to be happy about this.

Yay, Peter Nichols is going to be guest-starring again! But wouldn’t it have been meta if he’d said, “Next Wednesday” instead of “Thursday”? I do hope we get to see Dani in therapy. That’s going to be interesting.

See ya next episode.

Nina Lisa