So, I’m reduced to notes again, and in the interests of time, I’m not rewatching to fill in any blanks.

In the hernia class, I noted that I knew Bailey had something up her sleeve. That’s because she’s doing her damnedest not to get fired. Smart move, although I’m going to agree with Mere that they can’t fire the pregnant lady.

Why does Alana seem to be so uncomfortable around traumas? What does she have against them? Well, speaking of being closest . . .

OK, I don’t know how long she had to wait for the surgery, but that girl looks too old to be an elite gymnast, or thirteen, for that matter. I suspect Alex is going to sic Arizona on her.

Why did I write, “Christina has another first”?

Open mouth, insert foot. Jackson’s Mark’s protege, all right.

Hey, wait a minute. Are they positioning Alana to be with Owen? I’m going to be very unhappy if they are!

Aha, Little Gymnast Girl appears to be this week’s Life Lesson. AKA Patient of the Week in “House” recaps. Think I’ll adopt that. Yes, I know it’s supposed to be the Jehovah’s Witness guy, but Leah’s just an idiot. Speaking of which, I knew Big Brother was going to get her.

Aaaand, there goes Arizona, to be all, “I did it, you can, too.” Oops. Not what I thought was going to happen. Aha! The Life Lesson is that Bad Cop sometimes works!

They’re selling the hospital? And she’s staging it? This does not bode well. Guess Bailey was right in sucking up so she wouldn’t get fired. Not that that lasted very long. And I wonder what’ll happen now that the other doctors know that these efficiency people think the patients don’t matter. Are they going to stage a coup?

Ya know, if $75,000,000 is going to bust the hospital, why don’t Derek, Mere, Callie, Arizona and Christina just take a 20% share each and call it good? I’m calling it now.

Nina Lisa