So, after Liam plays Exposition Fairy to Adrianna, Silver, and Naomi, I have to wonder if he’s as over Annie as he thought?

Wow, Dixon’s really being an ass, isn’t he? I agree with Navid, his going off on Adrianna (and Navid) was unnecessary  OTOH, Teddy’s dressing down of Silver was not.

Yes, we’d all be better off without Annie. But isn’t it a little late in the year for an “It’s a Wonderful Life” rip-off tribute? I guess maybe they need a week off to figure out how to get out of last week’s crazy pants. Oh, OK, it’s a “Wizard of Oz” rip-off take-off.  At least they got the silver slippers right.

So, Toto, we’re really not in Beverly Hills any more. And Dixon’s cut and run. But that envelope is awfully convenient for someone who hasn’t heard from him in two years.

Ha, love the way they pimped out this set. Speaking of pimped out, that’s exactly what Navid looks like. I suspect he hasn’t fallen far from the family tree in this timeline. In further news, Ade is playing Lilo, Teddy’s not out of the closet and hanging out with Liam, who’s still living with his mother and step-monster and going to college. And Ty is Dixon’s record manager. Of course. Taking Austin’s sleazeball role, I see.

I don’t recall Naomi taking such a shine to Annie the first season, but I could be wrong. I also don’t remember Annie being the driving force behind that sting that took out Jen, either. Oooh, that was a good look AnnaLynn McCord just shot Annie before zipping up her dress. Sooo obvs. they’re not best buds in this universe.

So Silver’s quite the beeyotch with that blog of hers. I seem to recall that was what she was like in Season 1. But I didn’t know that “confirmed bachelor” was supposed to be code for gay. Because I’ve known a few who weren’t.  Aaand, how did I know that Annie being Dixon’s sister was going to be the “bigger story” Ade spilled to her?

Oh, poor Naomi. She’s in for a let-down. Teddy’s not going to chase her and marry her. But he’d lose the family fortune if he came out, so . . . really, he’s going to tell her the truth? Oh, man! Why can’t I find a gay sugar daddy?

And Megan’s dad is still alive in this world. I wonder if she’s going to die in a car crash with Dixon? Although they’re running out of time, and I don’t see this lasting more than one episode. Well, maybe not, because all’s bad that ends badly, and no-one’s bell is getting rung, so no-one’s getting their wings. Although it looks like Navid hasn’t really changed any.

Looks like Annie is the Wizard, as well as Dorothy. Aaaannndddd . . . we’re back to “It’s a Wonderful Life”?  Yes, this is how they’re resolving last week’s crazy pants and everything is going back to normal. Or maybe not, since the clinic called Teddy. But it’s looking good for Liam and Annie to get back together.  Things I’ve learned from watching way too much TV: When someone says, “Yes.” while shaking their head “No.”, they’re lying.