Jack Coleman (aka HRG – Horn Rimmed Glasses from Heros) is so good at playing bad, isn’t he?

I kept waiting for him to actually give voice to Kate’s desire to see him dead, and I think it was handled fairly well when he did. As for the whole scenario, well, it’s what I would expect of Kate. Too many innocent people could’ve gotten hurt if she hadn’t phoned in that bomb threat. I did kinda anticipate that HRG would give her some kind of token regarding her mother’s murder or something, not just that he’d admit he owes her.  With friends like that . . .

I’m glad they’re using Kate’s apartment set, although I miss not seeing Castle’s family. It looks like the same one that got burned/blown up, did they cover how they restored it and I missed that episode? Because when she was staying with him earlier this season it was because it was being fumigated or painted or something, I thought.

Am I the only person who thought the sketch of McManus looked kinda like the Unabomber?

What do you think about Kate’s almost hiding evidence and missing McManus deliberately, but then continuing to pursue the investigation after it had been, for all intents and purposes, closed, then finally actually (instinctively?) running after Bracken to get him out of the way/shield him from the bomb blast?  BTW, I’m pretty sure that if you’re standing next to a car when it explodes, you’re either just as dead as you would be if you were sitting inside or at least severely injured, not able to pick yourself up and brush yourself off no big deal.  And Kate was interviewing the driver right away; but I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have been able to hear anything he said for a few more days, at least. Comments? Thoughts? Questions?

Nina Lisa