John Ross never does anything without a damn good reason. Perhaps that’s why I knew he was going to find daddy instead of sneaking out the back way. Guess he picked a trick or two up from Marta after all. And combined it with JR’s advice.  Is it just me, or did the Ewing Enterprise offices get built real fast? How much time is supposed to have passed?

I’d forgotten Glenn Morshower was on this show. I’m glad he’s working again; I always enjoyed seeing him on 24.

Oh, Annie, don’t fall for Harris’ tricks. Everything he just gave you can be faked, and if he can find her, so can you.

I’m curious about John Ross’ motives re: Christopher’s marriage too.

Yay, Annie!  Telling Bobby is the right thing to do. Hmm. I didn’t understand Harris had suggested Annie get her DNA checked, too, but in the real world, DNA results take longer than 48 hours. Besides, if Harris paid a lab tech to fake results, then he probably promised additional payment conditioned on further fakery if needed.

Ah, yes. The break was so long I’d forgotten who Rebecca really is.

Well, four platforms will get Elena a bigger cut of Ewing Energy. But this guy must not’ve done any research on her, otherwise he could probably guess just why she wants them and make more $$ off the deal, I’d think.

Hmm. Looks like Ms. Barnes is about to tell them some of the truth. And none of the villains on this show have ever learned that the Ewings always win. Cliff Barnes sure hasn’t, has he?  I guess John Ross thinks he can swap Elena for Pamecca and gain control of Ewing Enterprises that way?  Did anyone else notice that in all the shots, the actress was hiding her stomach?  That’s usually done to disguise a real-life pregnancy at odds with the story line, but in this case I think it’s the opposite. Although why she’s not just wearing padding, I don’t know.

DNA Lab, Texas? How generic. But why isn’t she taking this to Bobby? At least Sue Ellen understands.

I thought the racecar was going to blow up before the guy pulled in, or after he pulled away, but I guess they can’t kill off a real person.

See, Annie? You should’ve let Bobby handle Harris! Yeah, I think whoever that girl is, she’s either an actress hired by Harris, or was seriously brainwashed by her kidnappers.

Ah, there we go. OK, I know the timeline is a bit screwy but Pamecca should be 3 or 4 months along now, at least. And I’d think she’d be showing a little bump by now. Ah, the original Rebecca turns her coat. I’m not surprised; that throw-away line about first class hotels clued me in that she can be bought. But she also wants her brother back, and since Pamecca killed him, I don’t think this is going to go quite as John Ross plans.

Stay tuned.

Nina Lisa