John Ross most certainly does feel all those emotions JR stirred into his martini.

So, Judith Light is guest-starring on this episode. My guess is that she’s Emma’s adoptive mother. Except now that I think about it, the age would be wrong, so since Harris’ mother is also supposed to be on this episode, that’s probably who she plays. But I bet she has something to do with Emma.  Maybe Harris found her sooner than he claims?

I’m glad JR told Sue Ellen about Annie. Looks like that’s going to give her the strength to stay off the booze.

And here’s a full-length shot of Ms. Barnes again. OK, look, I know women don’t really get that much bigger when they’re carrying twins; the equipment can only stretch so far, and twins are generally born at weights which, combined, equal a fairly healthy baby.  But I had to check this out. The earliest detection could’ve been the first ultrasound at six weeks. And even if she took off for parts unknown a few days later, it’s obvious she’s been gone quite some time. I’d have to really research the timeline, but I really think she ought to be showing.  Looks like she’s making a move on Frank, too.  And now that she’s getting a divorce instead of an annulment, what makes John Ross think she’ll just hand her shares right over to him? Does he know she killed Tommy? And have proof?

Again, I agree with Bobby. Emma’s sudden reappearance is just way too convenient.

Back to Pamecca. She should know better than to cross Frank. Or JR, for that matter. Gosh, I’m going to miss him. I hear they’re sending him off by bringing back “Who Killed J.R.?” The article I read said something about he’s the only actor to have two mysteries centered around him in that way, but I can’t find it to verify exactly what it was.

Trust a horseman like Bobby to recognize a horse from a picture. I didn’t know that was a Frisian.

Des Moines is in Iowa, which is the mid-west. How come Rebecca has a Southern accent?

Yeah, that generosity on John Ross’ part didn’t cost him anything. If he gets Pamecca’s 30%, he’ll have 55% and Christopher won’t have anything. Glad Chris is on to him, though.

Oho. OK, there’s my time check. Yes, Pamecca’s at least 3 months along. Guess she wouldn’t necessarily be showing yet, but it should be soon.

And the Emma plot thickens.

So does the Sutter one.

Well, she’s wearing black, so I can’t really tell, but it’s possible there’s a slight bulge in the tummy area. And I think John Ross won that go ’round, but they seldom focus on the elevator unless somethings about to go wrong with it.  Ah. Well, in this case, maybe something went right?

Ha! I knew Pamecca shouldn’t cross Frank. But that kinda screws up my time line, if “a month ago” was what he was told to say.

Ah, there she is! I’ve been waiting for Judith Light to appear. My revised guess appears to have been right! Oh! Brown! She did it! Or rather, she and Harris together, I bet. Yep, that pic proves it. Technically, the guess about brainwashing is also correct. That girl’s been raised like a mushroom.

Hopefully, I’ll have Episode 3 up before next Monday.

Nina Lisa