My friend watched this episode last night and reported to me today that she was very disappointed in it, that it was not advertised properly, and that some actor or another hadn’t appeared at all except as a ghost and in flashbacks.

I just got done watching the episode, and then I went looking for the original episode. I’m not willing to shell out $2.99 to iTunes for the privilege of saying, “I told you so”, but from the description for the original H5-O, Season 6, Episode 1 “Hookman”, last night’s episode did exactly what it had been advertised to do. Which was to RECREATE the original episode. Not rebroadcast it, not have the original actors come in and replay their roles (kinda hard to do without a seance), but to take the same script and have the new actors perform it.

So without watching the original, I really don’t know what her problem was. For me, the only thing that “bothered” me about it being a recreation was that meant I definitely wasn’t going to win at FIVE-O. But I put bothered in quotation marks because it really doesn’t; the game is just a way to help me keep my attention on the screen. And I think that this episode still furthered story, mainly between Kono and Charlie. At least, I hope so.

Anyone out there who’s seen the original episode (or is willing/can afford to drop the $2.99 on it) who can confirm or deny any of these allegations?