Adrian Pasdar always looks menacing,  even when his character is possibly trying not to. Charisma Carpenter is much better at the fake “I’m happy to be married to you” routine.

Yeah, Sutton’s already proved herself to be not so great at pretending to be a “sweeter, nicer version”. I think it’s only a matter of time before Laurel figures it out.  And of course, we know S. is under orders from Mommy Dearest to steamroll Ted and Kristen’s reunion, so this speech ought to be real good!

Oh, Jordan. It’ll be very interesting if Mads moves in there. Hmm. Looks like Alec really does know what’s up with Rebeccannie. Of course, he might’ve also been able to tell that that really was Sutton and not Emma.

Chemistry? Yes, please. Ethan and Emma have mad chemistry. Can they discuss that?  At first, I was trying to figure out why Alec had a key to the Mercer’s cabin, but then I remembered this is actually the Rybeck cabin. Whoops!

Please, Emma, Sutton’s not there to study. She’s there to check up on Ethan, and if you think she’ll tell you the truth about the 2nd woman, you’re delusional.

Ha! Cross-stitch sampler in the cabin.

See there! The way Alec just said, “That’s crazy talk” sounded so insincere, and the look on his face was kinda scary.

Well, the episode summary said Emma was going to take Laurel’s love advice, and I was wondering how she’d even hear it after the switch. Now I know.

Oh, look, a shower scene. First the title, now a Psycho reference? Oh, good, she’s getting out. About time she called him on all this crap. And finally. He was actually convincing.

So, I wonder if that story Kristen just told about Sutton’s first night will get under her skin? Doesn’t seem like it while she’s talking to Rebeccannie. Hello! I thought the twins were Ted’s biological kids.  But how does he not know there were two? Did Alec or someone tell him the other one died? Or does he know of her existence but he’s got so much other stuff going on the Jekyll and Hyde routines of his eldest daughter haven’t really registered as a possibility on his radar? You know, I don’t think Sutton and Rebeccannie know Alec knows about the twins and the switches.

Hmm. I wonder if Laurel is as really over Jordan as she says? Wow, Thayer moves fast! But then again, Emma’s not really giving him a chance to talk.

OK, maybe Sutton really hasn’t decided what she’s going to say. Right now it looks like she’s wondering what other stories Kristen told her that she didn’t listen to.

Ha. Mads and Jordan are so cute together!

Interesting. I wonder how Sutton’s sudden change of heart will affect Rebeccannie. Of course, that’s a hell of a reward she’s getting from Ethan. I don’t want them together, but that kind of reward may actually make her redeemable.

Yes, Mads, your father knows you were there.

Whoopsie! Timing is not Sutton’s strong suit. Laurel’s going to be the next one in on the secret.

Sorry, Thayer, it’s not working for me. For one thing, unless you actually called and found out last night’s bus had been cancelled, you couldn’t have known the bus had been cancelled. And if you did, then when exactly did you call? If you called last night, why didn’t you come after her then, so she didn’t have to sleep in the bus station? And even if you didn’t, why didn’t you come after her right away? But let’s say you called this morning and found out the bus was cancelled so you decided to take a chance she was still in town. What if she hadn’t been? Would you have headed back to Scottsdale for her? Why do I not think so? Yes, this scenario is a bit high on the WSOD scale for me. But I’ll give it a pass.

Rebeccannie always seems to have another ace up her sleeve, doesn’t she?

Still a week behind!

Nina Lisa