Open on a fake band whom we know will wind up being Dani’s Patient/Lesson Of The Week (PLOW). Fade to Dani dancing in her kitchen to said band. Oh, Dani. I so agree with the expression on RayJay’s face right now.

At a Hawks meeting, Juliette introduces a new uniform, designed by Michael Kors. I don’t think so. She also announces a photo shoot with a huge magazine, but says she can’t reveal the name. Coach Purnell and Matt agree she needs to go. Nico just thinks she needs compassion and she’ll grow tired of owning the team soon. She does kinda seem like a kid with a shiny new toy.

Now that I’ve watched the show, I know the blond rocker is David and the brunet is Paul. David is acting like TK used to. Paul’s the responsible adult with a wife and two kids.

Dani has a Titanic-themed sex dream about Nico. She pops in to see Dr. Peter MacNicol, who tells her sex dreams aren’t about sex.  So if sex dreams aren’t about the sex, why was it relevant if it was satisfying? And what are they about?

I guess the shoot isn’t for Sports Illustrated, since Juliette has TK decked out in a prison onesie and Toes in a suit, so she can be pulled between her “gentleman” and “bad boy”. TK explains he’s trying to get away from that image. Juliette says she understands and he doesn’t have to do it if it’ll make him uncomfortable. He asks her what his options are, she says it’s to leave.

Dani is talking to TK about this is the Hawks’ locker room. She explains he needs to show Juliette he’s trying to change, not just tell her. That’s the writer’s mantra.  After, she bumps into Nico and asks him to keep an eye on RayJay, whom Juliette hired to work for the Hawks charity as a way to fulfill his community service. He assures her he will and cups her arm. Matt spots this and looks unhappy. You know, during Dani’s dream I kept expecting him to pop up.

TK and Juliette are at dinner, and I feel bad for the waiter, having to listen to all this.  I hope TK tells her to can the uniform make-over if she really wants to impress the guys, but instead she cans Toes from first position at the next day’s practice.

Meanwhile, Dani takes the band, VonDrozer, to the bar where it all began. The manager welcomes them and asks if they want to play a set. They ask Dani if she wants a private concert, and she’s thrilled. Hey, I think I worked with that actress who just threw her panties at David.  The next song he picks sends Paul storming out of the bar. I suspect this is the key to the problem.

Dani has another sex dream, this one based on The Graduate. Matt *does* pop up in this one, to tell her she can’t have what she wants. Dr MacNicol asks her what that is.

I thought TK was wearing the same number as Jerry Rice, but then I remembered Jerry wore 81, so out of curiosity, I looked up 88. Turns out that was worn by two famous wide receivers for the Cowboys, Drew Pearson and Michael Irvin. That’s attention to detail, right there.

VonDrozer is back in Dani’s office. Paul says the song that upset him is about Willa, his wife. David says it isn’t. I think it is. Paul storms out again.

Coach Purnell, Matt, and Nico try to run an intervention on Juliette’s switch on TK’s behalf.  She reminds them that they work for her now, not her father, and tells them they might want to think about that. Don’t worry guys, she can’t fire you. There’d be no show.

Dani reads the song lyrics, and the line about life being stolen hits her. She calls David in alone. He explains that the song is about Dylan, who he thinks is his son, not Paul’s. He decides to confront Paul. Paul vehemently denies it, and when David starts to press the issue, Paul says he’s not his kid, either. He explains that he knew David had slept with Willa, so he had a DNA test done, having easy access to David’s hairbrush. Evidently David wasn’t the only one Willa had been sleeping with, but Paul’s raised Dylan as his son, and as far as he was concerned, Dylan was his.  This leaves David with nothing to live for, so he decides to go get drunk and go out in a blaze of glory like Hendrix, Morrison, and Joplin, but he just winds up jumping off the roof of a nightclub when Paul and Dani stupidly ask him to come down. Because he’s so drunk, he probably hasn’t really hurt himself, and the two have a good laugh and start to rebond.

Dani has another sex dream, this one starring Matt and based on the final scene in Gone With the Wind. Dr. MacNicol asks her what all those movies have in common. She says they’re tragic romances. Dr. MacNicol wants to know if that’s what she thinks she deserves. Hmm. I wonder if she’s finally experiencing some divorce PTSD?

Before the practice where TK replaced Toes, the two had a discussion and TK called him out for using the move TK’d given him and claiming all the credit. Later, he meets Juliette at a bar where Toes is eavesdropping on their conversation.  Juliette rags on TK to not completely give up his bad boy ways, and TK appears to give in. The next day, Nico and Matt demand a drug test, because Toes claimed he was drinking. He wasn’t, but no-one believes him. When the two run into each other in the locker room, Toes crosses the line when he calls TK’s mother a crack whore, and TK decks him. He deserved it. Unfortunately, this means Matt pulls TK from starting that Sunday.  TK realizes that as hard as he’s trying to straighten up and fly right now, people are still going to see that old TK. I agree with him. If I thought Matt would listen to Dani about this, I’d hope she’d talk to him, but instead I’m going to hope they get the results back next week and realize TK really did stay clean.

Dani’s rocking out at the side of the stage at the next VonDozer concert when RayJay texts her to let her know he’ll be staying late, working with Juliette, so she races over there. She meets Nico, who’s on his way out after reading Juliette the riot act.  RayJay looks like he might be learning a lesson as Juliette is doing some hard-core solitary drinking, but outside, Nico tells Dani that RayJay has a crush on her.  She asks him if Juliette has a crush back. “Only in his dreams.” Nico replies. I don’t think they’re talking about RayJay and Juliette any more.  Dani leaves and Matt appears to ask Nico what was going on. Nico says there’s nothing going on between himself and Dani.